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Mepantigan is a form of Balinese wrestling that combines self-defence techniques, traditional dancing and fun in the mud. Mepantigan which mean "to throw" are represented in the act.  The act are accompanied with gamelan music (a form of Balinese percussion ensemble) while participants grapple in knee-deep mud with the aim to trip and throwing their opponent down into the mud.

Established by Putu Witsen Widjaya in 2003, a taekwondo martial arts champion, Mepantigan foundation hosts direct courses in the basics of the practice as a stress reliever, releasing negative energy and fitness builder. Visitor donations from each half-day session help to fund the education of young students from the surrounding area of Batubulan which serve as the the foundation’s instructors.

Visitor also able to taste a variety of unique named drink such as "Tirta Oleng", "Balinese Mud Coffee", and "Natural Mud Fried rice" as their lunch menu.


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Tour Plan

Enjoy the welcoming dance of Mepantigan

Melalui jembatan bambu menuju area Mepantigan yang dikelilingi pohon bambu dan kelapa, Anda akan disuguhkan welcome drink khas Mepantigan dan tarian selamat datang yang disebut Barong Katos.

Step over a bamboo bridge into  Mepantigan Foundation, open-air training grounds, encircled by palm forests. You will  be greeted with a homemade lemongrass and pandan leaf infused water  and a deafening kelaras welcome dance named "Barong Katos" performed by a troupe of masked men.

Introduction of the activity and learn the basic technique of "Mepantigan"

Tuan rumah Anda - Indra, Uci, Mathius, dan anak-anak muda lainnya yang terlibat dalam Mepantigan akan membantu Anda mengenakan "Saput Poleng"  dan memberi Anda penjelasan singkat tentang Mepantigan.

Pada bagian ini, Anda akan diajarkan cara aman bergulat ala Mepantigan dan diajarkan gerakan-gerakan Tari Baris sebagai bagian dari Mepantigan. Anda juga akan belajar jargon khas Mepantigan yaitu : “Sing kenken cang katos!,” artinya, “Tidak apa-apa, saya kuat!”

Setelah pemanasan dan latihan dasar selesai, Anda sudah siap bermain di medan yang sebenarnya, yaitu lumpur persawahan yang sejuk.

Your hosts - Indra, Uci, Mathius, and othe young people involved in Mepantigan will help you to wear "Saput Poleng"  and give you a brief lesson about the activity such as warm up and practice on how to grapple or throw your opponent and heroic balinese dance gestures. You'll also learn chants like “Sing kenken cang, Katos!,” meaning, “It’s okay, I’m strong!”

Prepped for battle, you’ll take your newly-acquired skills to the ring—which, in mepantigan, is a muddy field.

Let's Enjoy The Main Games

Kegiatan inti dari permainan ini adalah permainan saling banting satu sama lain menggunakan teknik yang sudah diajarkan. Meskipun dilakukan dilumpur, kegiatan Mepantigan ini sangat aman bahkan bisa dilakukan oleh anak-anak berusia 6 tahun ke atas. Pada bagian ini, Anda akan merasakan suasana yang sangat menggembirakan. Sangat cocok sebagai sarana melepas penat dan meredakan stress.

The core activity of this game is a game of slamming each other using the techniques that have been taught. Even though it is carried out in the mud, this Mepantigan activity is very safe, it can even be done by children aged 6 years and over. In this section, you will feel a very uplifting atmosphere. It is suitable as a means to unwind and relieve stress.

Let's enjoy the Balinese Mud Sauna

Setelah bermain di lumpur, Anda akan menikmati sauna alami yang khusus dibuat untuk Anda. Selain bisa merelaksasikan otot-otot yang tegang, sauna alami ini juga mampu membuat hati Anda tentram dan damai.

After playing in the mud, you will enjoy a natural sauna specially made for you. Besides being able to relax tense muscles, this natural sauna is also able to make your heart calm and peaceful.

Enjoy "Mud Fried Rice" Lunch

Pada bagian ini Anda akan disuguhkan makan siang ala Mepantigan, yaitu "Mud Fried Rice". Rasakan cita rasa lokal yang dibuat dengan teknik memasak yang unik.

In this section you will be served a Mepantigan-style lunch, namely "Mud Fried Rice". Experience local flavors made with unique cooking techniques.

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